Complete Guide To Install Roof Boot Flashing

Nowadays, everyone wants to use roof boot flashing in order to make buildings more sturdy and to reduce indoor mold problems. Every house has a plumbing vent pipe through the roof, and of course, most of the pipes will be sealed with boot flashing. What about your house? Do you have the right roof boot flashing? If not, you can probably find a large selection at a roofing supply store. Choose a strong and waterproof roof boot flashings to last the lifetime of a new roof. When it comes to the installation of boot flashing on your roof, follow these easy steps listed below:


Clean The Vent Pipe:

To install roof boot flashing, firstly, clean the vent pipe. There may be old waterproof filters and sealant on the pipe.  You can remove the old dirt and debris by using a 6-inch knife, scissors or even a good pair of aviation snips.  The better you clean the pipe, the better the results with a good seal for your roof boot.

Apply Silicone Sealant:

The silicone sealant must be applied to the area of the roof where the aluminum flange is attached. Make sure to add a heavy bead of sealant to the aluminum flange itself.

Note: Using a sufficient silicone sealant is very essential to make the boot fit securely.

Fitting The Boot Flashing on the Roof:

Measure the diameter of the pipe before you purchase the boot because opening the top of the boot should be smaller than the diameter of the pipe. Then you can install a perfect roof boot flashing in order to create a snug and watertight seal. Make sure that the bottom of the boot is flush with the top of the ridged roof. The aluminum flange on the boot should be pressed down into the large furrow of the roof.  Use enough sealant to secure the boot within the proper position.

Have any questions about this process? Feel free to contact Alta Products, offering high-quality, leak-proof roof boot flashing, data center housing curbs, roof curb systems and many other HVAC roof penetration systems that are perfect for your roof penetration project.