Insulated Roof Curb

insulated roof crubThe right insulated roof curb can mean fast installation, saved time and money, and a leak-free roof penetration system. At Alta Products, LLC, we take pride in the quality and integrity of our work. We use superior materials and hand-welding techniques to create airtight seals. Our strong, reinforced roof curbs come in a variety of types, thicknesses, and special heights. View our order forms to learn more about each product. Our manufacturing facility is a premier destination for all things roof penetration.

About Our Insulated Roof Curbs

Alta Products, LLC manufactures insulated roof curbs for all types of roofs – flat, sloped, and ridge style. We create our Curbs with materials such as galvanized steel at standard insulation thickness and three-pound density. We sell standard-dimension Curbs with an 8-inch height, but we can also manufacture specialty heights if needed. All our roof curb models come with exceptional manufacturing techniques, including computer-guided laser cutting, metal forming machines, and welding completed by hand to guarantee watertight roof curbs.

Our prefabricated insulated roof curbs reduce the time it takes for you to complete an installation job as a contractor or architect. It also cuts costs by ensuring compatibility with your curb and roof opening. Start with our specification downloads and go from there. We offer housing and curbs in a variety of dimensions for our customers’ convenience. Purchasing your curbs from Alta Products, LLC ensures the product meets all industry standards and accepted quality levels. We also offer 20-year warranties on our aluminum housing and limited lifetime warranties on Sigrist Exit Seals®.

Purchasing insulated roof curbs instead of non-insulated saves you time and money performing curb insulation at the job site. You won’t get this luxury with just any manufacturer – you need one you can trust to complete factory-installed insulation according to your needs. If you do require a non-insulated roof curb, talk to our team. We take custom orders whenever possible. We ship roof curbs and other roof penetration system products anywhere in the U.S. within five days, depending on your location (one day in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle). Alta Products, LLC is your source for excellent manufacturing capabilities.

Why Choose Us for Insulated Roof Curbs?

When a building owner hears “roof penetration,” he/she may think poor long-term outcomes, leak problems, and puddles of water accumulating on the roof. The person may even picture situations in which he/she might have to use cinderblocks or other tools to keep flashing and curbs down. These stigmas come from poorly completed installations and low-quality products. With Alta Products, LLC and licensed contractors who specialize in roof penetration, the job can be accomplished with little to no risk of these problems.

Alta Products, LLC was the brainchild of inventor Peter Sigrist. He patented his designs in 2006 and began selling them around the world. He saw immediate success and gained acclaim for his innovative models because they work. They make roof penetration possible without fear of leaks or other problems. Peter has retired, but his mission lives on in each aspect of our company. We work hard to ensure satisfaction. Our reward is in the strong relationships we have with contractors, architects, and project managers who use us again and again. See for yourself – view our testimonials.

Order and Receive Your Insulated Roof Curb in Five Easy Steps

At Alta Products, LLC, we strive to make the insulated roof curb ordering and delivering processes as simple as possible for our customers. From our web order form and specification documents to our friendly customer service center, you’ll find that placing an order with us is a breeze. Next time you receive an order for a roof penetration system, come to us first. Here’s how to place your insulated roof curb order:

  1. Learn what you need. Whether you’re a veteran or this is your first roof penetration job, you might need help figuring out the exact item and dimensions you need. Alta Products, LLC is happy to help customers figure out the ideal product or piece for their specific project. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and a big part of what has made us the leaders in innovative weathertight roof penetration systems.
  2. Shop our products. Once you know which roof penetration products you need, browse our online catalog and find what you seek. We have separate order forms for Pipe Chase Housings and Sigrist Exit Seals® (with an additional sizing guide) to keep things simple and organized. You also can use our handy UPS transit map to get an estimate of your shipping time.
  3. Browse our website. Before you place your final order, take a moment to browse our website. We have an abundance of products for all types of roof penetration systems and may have something you didn’t realize you needed. You can also learn a little about Alta Products, LLC and find out what to expect from us through our testimonials. Once you’re sure you’ve selected everything you need, complete the order process.
  4. Place your order. Fill out our simple web order form with your billing and shipping information. If you have a required delivery date, no matter how soon, we will fulfill it! Let us know if you have a forklift available or if there are any other delivery details we should know. How you place your order is up to you – you can ship or fax the printed form to our headquarters, or email orders to
  5. Receive your insulated roof curbs. We’ll ship prefabricated insulated roof curbs straight to your warehouse or other location. If we custom create your products, you’ll receive a notification of when to expect delivery. You don’t have to follow up with us – we’ll keep you informed about every step of the process. We know communication is key when it comes to manufacturing and installing roof penetration systems.

If at any point you need advice or assistance, give us a call. You’ll reach our Seattle, Washington, office where you can speak to a real person, not a robot. You can also email or visit our Facebook page for more information. Call (206) 409-1237 to place your order for an insulated roof curb today.