Building Envelope

Building EnvelopeThe building envelope serves to support dynamic loads, control the flow of many forms of energy, and meet the desired parameters on the interior and exterior. As a contractor, architect, building envelope engineer, or specifier, trust Alta Products, LLC for high-quality products. We develop and manufacture roof penetration system products with time-tested, proven mechanical processes. Our Pipe Chase Housings, Curbs, and Sigrist Exit Seals® are exactly what you need to ensure a safe, stable, and sustainable commercial building. Browse our products.

How to Optimize Your Building Envelope

A building’s roof, walls, and foundation make up the structure’s envelope. There are certain goals the envelope must accomplish to keep occupants safe, comfortable, and free from the outdoor elements. These include temperature control, airflow, and water resistance. A major part of the building envelope is its roof penetration systems. These applications are often necessary to facilitate piping, cables, and conduits a commercial building needs to perform its operations. Roof penetrations must abide by the following standards to maintain the integrity of the building’s exterior structure:

  • High-quality materials. If the building materials are below standard, the finished product will be as well. At Alta Products, LLC, we use tried-and-true galvanized steel and other products to create our roof penetration components. We don’t jeopardize the integrity of our products with subpar building materials. If you get it from us, you can rest assured it’s made of top-tier materials that will withstand the test of time.
  • Proven manufacturing methods. Exterior building components must withstand severe weather, high and low temperatures, and many other outdoor elements. If their manufacture isn’t dependable, there’s no telling how long they will last under pressure. We use computer-guided laser cutting, metal forming machines, and welding by hand to ensure watertight and secure products. Read our testimonials for proof of our success.
  • Excellent customer service. Need a product recommendation? Custom solutions? Expedited shipping? Sometimes the strength and durability of your building envelope relies on the relationship you have with your product manufacturer. Alta Products, LLC excels in customer service and satisfaction. Previous buyers have stated that we’re “willing to help with any issues” and that we “work their hardest to meet impossible dates.” When you buy from us, you’re a customer for life.
  • Seamless communication. When handling something as important as a building’s roof, walls, and insulation, communication is key. You need to work with a manufacturer that keeps you updated about the status of your product, shipment, and delivery. Any holes in communication can lead to costly project delays and a damaged professional reputation.
  • Expert installation. Here’s where you come in as a contractor or building envelope engineer. It’s up to you to make sure our products fulfill their full potential with reliable installations. Find out how we can help you as an architect or contractor. Many of our customers return to us for projects in the future due to the consistent excellence of our roof penetration products.

If you want to master water control, drainage, air quality, energy consumption, insulation performance, thermography, or other complex tasks, you need building materials and products that can fulfill your highest expectations. We make construction and engineering as simple and comprehensive as possible with groundbreaking product designs and outstanding customer service. No matter what type of roof you’re working with, come to Alta Products, LLC for building envelope solutions. We boast innovation that works.

Five Components You Need for Your Building Envelope

Alta Products, LLC specializes in roof penetration systems. We understand what it takes to manufacture products that can withstand heat, cold, rain, wind, and hail. A commercial building’s plumbing and ventilation equipment can be trouble spots for leaking without proper flashing, curbs, housing, and seals. Our team provides these products, backed by 10- to 20-year warranties (and limited lifetime warranties on our Sigrist Exit Seals®). Come to us for the following building envelope necessities:

  1. Exit seals. The Sigrist Exit Seal® is our patented solution for roof penetration system seals. Developed by inventor and our founder, Mr. Peter Sigrist, this product creates a weathertight seal for roof penetrations. Made with high-impact ABS resin, UV inhibitors, and long-lasting EDPM rubber gaskets, our exit seals are in it for the long haul. Learn more about this item.
  2. Pipe Chase Housing. Our area of expertise is in Pipe Chase Housing, where we combine high-tech manufacturing systems with old-fashioned hand welding to ensure totally watertight seals. We use .080-inch thick aluminum to create our housing, rather than molded plastic or fiberglass like our competitors. Stainless steel fasteners, full thermal breaks, and gaskets complete this innovative building envelope product.
  3. Data center housing. We offer the best off-the-shelf roof penetration management system in our data center housings and curbs, or “doghouses.” Designed by an architect and protected with a 20-year warranty, our doghouses sport .125-inch thick aluminum, hand-welded lids, UV-inhibitive powder coating, and a flawless track record since our start in 2006. We’ve shipped more than 1,000 housing units and curbs with not a single warranty request or failure.
  4. Roof curbs. Our prefabricated roof curbs abide by industry values, with three-pound density, eight-inch height, and standard dimensions. We use galvanized steel to create our roof curbs for superior strength and weatherproofing. We sell roof curbs for flat, sloped, and ridged roofs. Download our specification forms for help selecting the appropriate curb size for your next project.
  5. Roof flashing is an important aspect of any roof penetration system. To guarantee the weatherproofing of your building envelope, you need flashing you can count on. Our flashing solutions prioritize long-term endurance for applications that don’t require repairs or replacements right away. When you use our team for flashing, you never have to worry about the longevity of your roof penetration job.

Using Alta Products, LLC can ultimately improve your professional reputation. You can partner with a manufacturer that truly understands the industry, delivers on its promises, and offers incredible customer support. Call (206) 409-1237 to learn more about our products, or simply submit an order form for your next building envelope project.