Pipe Chase Housings & Curbs

What are your Pipe Chase Housings (doghouses) made of?

Laser cut, computer formed, hand welded aluminum. Our Pipe Chase Housings are powder coated with a UV inhibited, electrostatically applied paint.

Can we mount the Pipe Chase Housing directly to the roof?

No. The weather tight design of our roof penetration system requires that our curb be installed and flashed with the roofing membrane then the Housings is installed to the curb assembly.

Can we install your Pipe Chase Housing and Curb on our pitched roof?

“No” is the short answer… “Yes” is the long answer only if a qualified contractor builds and installs a subassembly that creates a level surface for our Curb to mount to.

How long will they last?

We warrant our Housings and Curbs to be free of defect for 20 years.

How many pipes can we run through your housings?

7 lines on our Small, 16 lines on our Medium and 32 lines on our Medium Double-Long. Contractors will determine the number of lines needed for our size Large and Data Center Housings

How do we know where to install Sigrist Exit Seals® on your Pipe Chase Housings?

We machine stamp an indent or “starter dimple” as the specific location to drill or punch the 2 ¼” dia. holes on the size Small, Medium and Medium Double-Long

Can you build a custom size housing for us?

We will gladly discuss with you every non-standard size Pipe Chase Housing your project calls for. It may even turn into a new sized standard item.

Can we install an electrical outlet on your housing?

Yes, by a qualified contractor. There is enough room to install one at either end.

How about putting a hose bibb on, can it be done?

Yes, by a qualified contractor. There is enough room to install one at either end.

How many sizes do you offer?

There are five standard sizes of Pipe Chase Housings. We also offer curbs in either 14” or 18” heights except for the size Medium Pipe Chase Housing, we have a 24” tall curb in addition to the 14” and 18” tall curbs.

Sigrist Exit Seals®

Sigrist Exit Seals® – What are they made of?

High impact ABS resin that is injection molded right here, in the United States.

Are they UV protected?


How strong are they?

Our Sigrist Exit Seals® are molded to Schedule 80 performance standards. Very, very tough.

Can I use them for direct fittings as in running water, gas or liquids directly through them?

NO!… Sigrist Exit Seals® are designed as weather-tight pathways for lines, pipes and conduits going through roof penetrations.

What colors are available?

White is the only color available. Please note: there will be slight color variations from one production run to the next.