Sigrist Exit Seals®

Approaching 300,000 installed on commercial roofs from coast to coast

Won’t rust or oxidize or conduct cold and heat like metal seals do

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Exit seal two lengths
  • Fits walls up to 0.75” thick
  • Create a weather-tight pipe/line seal for roof and "0.75" wall penetrations
  • Create a weather-tight pipe/line seal for roof penetrations
  • Injection molded strength
  • Durable and long lasting EDPM rubber gaskets
  • Sigrist Exit Seals® are available in 16 line/pipe sizes (1/4″ up to 2 7/8″)

Sigrist Exit Seal®

For walls up to 0.75” thick

Exit seal two lengths

Exit seal two lengths

Image to the right shows a roof-top installation using 4 Sigrist Exit Seals® on our “Small” Sigrist Pipe Chase Housing and Curb system.

Sigrist Exit Seals® are used to create a weather-tight pathway through vertical walls with a smooth exterior. Galvanized or painted

Maximum installable wall thicknesses: 3/4”

Our Exit Seals work just as well on your doghouses as they do on ours.

We steadfastly manufacture all of our ALTA products in the United States of America.



Material Properties and Temperature Ranges

Tensile strength 6,600 PSI
Flexural strength 10,800 PSI
*Exit Seal components -22F to +176F/185F
EPDM Gaskets: -20F to +350F

*Even at –22F still has an impact resistance of 4.3Ft/Lbs In. The 185F high range represents no deformation of material In continual-service air temperature.