Leak-Proof HVAC Roof Curb

roof curbAlta Products, LLC has the dependable, reliable, and high-quality HVAC roof curb you need as a trusted contractor or architect. Our cutting-edge design and fail-safe production process give you roof penetration systems that maximize performance and minimize risks. You can quickly and easily install new or replacement heating and cooling systems in any roof without fear of a leak. With our satisfaction guarantees and warranties, you can protect your investment while maintaining your reputation. Check out our field-proven Data Center HVAC roof curb systems.

What to Look for in Your HVAC Roof Curb

There have been so many inadequate roof penetrations over the years that many commercial building owners think the process will inevitably equal a leaky roof. Roofs are enormous investments, and the thought of punching holes in them can make many people sweat. However, HVAC through roof penetration offers many benefits that building owners can enjoy without risk when they select the right products and contractors. Alta Products, LLC is a trusted source of HVAC roof curbs and other products, with an emphasis on what matters most:

  • Weathertight seals. First and foremost, roof penetration systems need to prioritize being leak proof. At Alta Products, LLC, we combine cutting-edge equipment such as computer-guided metal cutters with hand welding to create watertight seals on all our equipment. We offer 20-year warranties on Curbs, and a limited lifetime warranty on our patented Sigrist Exit Seals®. Explore this popular product.
  • Proven performance. Of course, we wouldn’t ask you to trust us as your manufacturer without a long history of proven results. We’ve sold thousands of products to contractors, architects, and project managers throughout the country and have earned excellent reviews. Our HVAC roof curbs are ideal for even the most delicate buildings, including data centers. You can install Alta Products, LLC solutions with total confidence.
  • Attractive features. Our roof penetration solutions are more than just high quality – they offer attractive extras, such as a variety of innovative designs, no need for caulking/sealant, no chance of missing parts, and installation that saves you time and money. Enjoy fast delivery, customer support from multiple nationwide offices, and so much more when you work with Alta Products, LLC.

The integrity of your HVAC roof curb installation depends on the products you use. We have worked hard since our foundation in 2006 to become a premier destination for all elements of roof penetrations systems. We’re proud to say that most of our customers come back again and again for future projects, because they know they can trust the Alta Products, LLC satisfaction guarantee. Read our testimonials to see what people say about our penetration products.

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Excellence awaits you at Alta Products, LLC. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can have our top-tier products sent directly to you. Whether you’re installing an HVAC system for a school, hospital, business, or data center, you need a product manufacturer you can wholeheartedly trust. You need our dedicated team of professional manufacturers. Shop our products or call (206) 409-1237 to speak with a knowledgeable representative about your HVAC roof curb project today.