Roof Curb Manufacturers

roof curb manufacturesDon’t trust just any roof curb manufacturers with your penetration system products. Alta Products, LLC has a proven track history of excellence, with a long list of satisfied customers and a reputation built on years of outstanding service. Get to know us. Founded by inventor Peter Sigrist, our company’s mission is to create unique, high-quality roof penetration systems and products. When it comes to roof curbs, we beat our competition with products that are watertight, leak-proof, and come with attractive warranties. We are the roof curb manufacturers of choice around the nation.

What to Look for in a Roof Curb Manufacturer

In selecting your curb manufacturer, think about the reputation of your company. If you use a subpar product, your roof penetration job will be just that – subpar. The products you choose go a long way toward improving your all-around performance. Give your clients the very best services possible by entrusting the right product manufacturer. Here are three things to look for in your next roof curb manufacturer:

  1. The quality of the product comes first. Don’t fall for gimmicks or prices that seem too good to be true. If the price is too low, it’s probably because the curb is made with low-quality materials. Alta Products, LLC sets the standard in terms of roof curb value. We use proven manufacturing techniques and tools for exceptional finished products. Browse our product catalog to see what we offer.
  2. The roofing penetration niche is a tough business that requires fail-safe products for optimal roof performance. Look for a manufacturer you can trust. Read about the company’s mission and priorities, and see if they align with your own. As a trusted local contractor or architect, your reputation is closely connected with that of the product manufacturer you use. Choose wisely.
  3. Satisfaction guaranteed. At Alta Products, LLC, we’re confident in our roof penetration products. We have a 10-plus year history of success, with nothing but positive reviews from our customers. We offer 20-year warranties on many of our roof curbs and limited lifetime warranties on our patented exit seals. When you become one of our customers, you open the door to consistent satisfaction.

These are three things you should check off your list as you research roof curb manufacturers. Above all, go with your gut. Compare a few options and select a roof curb manufacturer that makes you feel good about your decision. Our team takes its job seriously, and works hard to produce roof curbs, Pipe Chase Housing, data center housing, exit seals, and other items our customers can trust.

Why Choose Us as Your Roof Curb Manufacturers?

At Alta Products, LLC, we have tons of repeat customers. We have offices in Seattle, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and Austin for sales and service throughout the country. No matter what your unique and individual needs, give us a call and discuss the possibility of custom options. Our innovative designers are always looking for a chance to show off their skills and expertise. To talk with Alta Products, LLC about becoming your next roof curb manufacturers, call (206) 409-1237 today.