Roof Penetration Sealing Solutions

roof penetration sealingCome to Alta Products, LLC for the best roof penetration sealing in the business. Since our start in 2006, we’ve sold more than 1,000 Pipe Chase Housings and Curbs and almost 20,000 Sigrist Exit Seals®. We have received zero complaints or warranty requests on these sales. If this isn’t proof of our products’ integrity and longevity, nothing is. We know what it takes to create watertight sealing and have been doing it successfully for years.

When you partner with us for roof penetration sealing and other products, your end client can have peace of mind in the quality of the roof penetration sealing job. With our proven manufacturing processes and a priority on customer satisfaction, you can easily deliver a strong, safe, and completely watertight product as a contractor, architect, or project manager. It all starts with your manufacturer. Learn more about Alta Products, LLC.

Why Experts Choose Us for Roof Penetration Sealing

Roof penetration sealing systems are far from simple, but they can be easy for experienced contractors and architects with the right product manufacturer. Roof penetration requires significant training, education, and experience. Otherwise, you risk installing a system that leaks or even rips away from the roof in bad weather. While the installation of the system is key, the quality of the products is important as well. What sets Alta Products, LLC apart is the innovative and proven Sigrist Exit Seal®. Explore this product.

There is no other product quite like the Sigrist Exit Seal®. It is a roof penetration sealing solution that boasts high-impact resin, weathertight pathways, vertical walls, and a smooth exterior. We create this product using injection-molded ABS resin with ultraviolet inhibitors to Schedule 80 strength. The product won’t oxidize or conduct heat and cold like metals. It comes galvanized or painted, with a maximum installable wall thickness of ¾ inch. It is truly an all-in-one solution to roof penetration systems like nothing else on the market. That’s why Peter Sigrist, its creator, patented the product as quickly as possible.

When it comes to roof penetration sealing, you want the Sigrist Exit Seal® by Alta Products, LLC. You’ll receive a limited lifetime warranty on your seal and exceptional customer service from our company. You never have to worry about the quality of the product delivered to your door or follow up with us about your order. We keep our customers informed for the duration of the process and are happy to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after placing your order. We understand the importance of communication when dealing with roof penetration system installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Penetration Sealing

Roof penetration sealing isn’t a niche you get into overnight – it takes years of industry research and experience to truly master the art of roof penetration systems. One mistake, such as poor-quality materials or the wrong manufacturing technique, can lead to products that leak, break apart, or otherwise fail. It might take years to see these failures, but they will inevitably occur. Instead of taking this risk, work with a company that’s put in the time. In our years of experience, Alta Products, LLC has received hundreds of questions from customers about the Sigrist Exit Seal®. Here are some of the most frequently asked for your perusal:

  1. How does the seal hold up in hours of direct sunlight? Our ABS resin has built-in UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors to make them impervious to the sun’s harsh rays. The resin won’t become brittle or wear down over time due to the sun.
  2. How strong is the Sigrist Exit Seal®? Very strong. We manufacture our seals to hold up to Schedule 80 performance standards. Even at -22⁰F, our seals have an impact resistance of 4.3 feet per pound. Note, however, that we do not design our roof penetration sealing to work as direct fittings to run water or gas directly through them.
  3. What sizes do you offer? We know roof penetration sealing isn’t always a one-size-fits-all process. We create our injection-molded seals in the United States according to accepted size standards. We have a variety of cap size pathway diameters, as well as extra-long seals. Use our sizing chart to select the right cap size for your application.
  4. How watertight is the Sigrist Exit Seal®? Leaking is a major concern for all professionals installing roof penetration systems. Alta Products, LLC manufactures its seals with a backing nut, backing nut gasket, body, guide washer, cap gasket, and cap, all made from high-impact ABS resin. You will never have to worry about water leaks.
  5. What else do you offer for roof penetration sealing? Alta Products, LLC pioneers the roof penetration industry with a variety of products that allow for watertight penetration. Come to us for Pipe Chase Housing, data center housing, Curbs, and exit seals that guarantee a job done right, the very first time. Shop our products.
  6. When can I expect my products to come in? We ship to every state in the U.S. as well as Puerto Rico. Expect one day of transit in Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, and parts of Kansas and Arkansas. From there, our transit times increase. Expect three days of transit time in New England, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. Parts of California and Nevada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico take five transit days via UPS.
  7. Can I return the seals if I’m not satisfied? We allow returns, but we do charge a 25% return fee for our trouble. You will have to pay one-fourth of the original cost of the items if you wish to return the seals to our headquarters.

Need help placing your order? We excel in customer service and satisfaction, and are always available to answer your questions. We’re more than happy to work with project managers or others in selecting the ideal roof penetration sealing products for a specific job. People come to us over and over because they know they can expect outstanding customer service. Call (206) 409-1237 if you have any other questions about roof penetration sealing.