Seal Gaskets

Seal gasketHow confident are you in the capabilities of your seal gaskets? If your answer isn’t as strong as you’d like, switch to Alta Products, LLC as your manufacturer. Since 2006, we’ve sold our patented roof penetration system products around the continental United States. We’ve sold more than 1,000 Pipe Chasing Housings and Curbs, and almost 20,000 Sigrist Exit Seals®. Despite this high volume, we have never had a single failure or warranty request. Our seal gaskets are no exception – we use the same proven manufacturing techniques to create these all-important building components. Get to know our company.

What Are Seal Gaskets?

Seal gaskets are mechanisms that fill spaces between two surfaces to prevent leakage. Even if two mating surfaces aren’t perfect for each other, the right gasket can fill irregularities and make the entire system functional. In roof penetration systems, seal gaskets go between components to ensure a watertight connection. This can prevent water leakage, roof damage, and mold growth in the future – three main concerns people have prior to agreeing to roof penetration. Put your clients’ fears to rest with the most reliable seals in the business.

At Alta Products, LLC, we create gaskets for the specific application of roof penetration systems. We use proven techniques and high-quality sheet materials to ensure our finished products fulfill the necessary requirements for this application. When you order gaskets from us for roof penetration, you can rest assured they were designed and created by experts who know how to prevent leak problems. Our commercial, industrial, and custom gaskets excel in the confinement of water, gas, and liquids despite the irregularities of the two mating surfaces. Don’t take our word for the integrity of our products – see what people say about us.

Why Choose Us for Your Seal Gaskets?

Alta Products, LLC has seal gaskets designed by architects, for architects. We use innovative designs and proven manufacturing methods to create and produce roof penetration systems that deliver on our promises – namely, water and weather proofing. We prioritize the weather resistance and durability of our products, using galvanized steel, high-impact ABS resin, and other quality materials to manufacture the very best products possible. Our team uses a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and handcrafting techniques to make sure our products can stand strong, come rain or shine.

Our company is about more than just creating the best products possible. The main mission we strive to achieve is total customer satisfaction. The founder of Alta Products, LLC, Mr. Peter Sigrist, built the company with a mission to provide the highest quality prefabricated roof penetration systems on the market. He wanted to accomplish this to make life easier for our nation’s contractors, engineers, and architects. He went about achieving this mission by creating the Sigrist Exit Seal®, an outstanding product that comes with a lifetime warranty. Explore this item.

When it comes to reliable and leak-proof seal gaskets, we deliver. We’ve spent years optimizing our product designs and manufacturing techniques to bring our customers top-rated products they can depend on. Our hard work didn’t go to waste – our customers rave about the durability and convenience of our housings, curbs, and seals. Our seal gaskets are just some of what we offer on a long list of dependable roof penetration products. No matter what type of roof or system specifications your next project entails, come to us for solutions. We’re built on innovation that works.

Order Seal Gaskets for Delivery Anywhere in the USA

When you choose Alta Products, LLC for your gaskets, you get a simple and intuitive order and delivery process. We understand how important it is to get the exact product you need, when you need it. A single miscommunication or delayed delivery can jeopardize the integrity of your entire project – not to mention risking your reputation as a contractor or project manager. Avoid these risks by ordering from a world leader in roof penetration product manufacturing. Here’s how to place your order with us:

  1. View our online catalog. We have simple online order forms for all our products, with size charts and tables so you can tell us exactly what you need. Fill out your shipping and billing information and then send us the form via fax, email, or traditional mail.
  2. Talk with our representatives. If you would rather order through a live representative, call (206) 409-1237 to get in touch with us. We’re happy to give you advice about which products are appropriate in your situation and to discuss custom orders. You can give us your individual project requirements and we’ll solve your roof penetration challenge with custom innovations.
  3. Place your order. As a trusted manufacturer, we work closely with our customers to come up with payment terms and schedules that work for them. We take credit applications if you need a credit system to pay for your products.
  4. Wait for your shipment to arrive. Alta Products, LLC believes in transparent communication. There’s no need to follow up with us because we’ll keep you informed about the status of your shipment and delivery every step of the way. Receive your delivery within five business days, no matter where you are in the United States or Puerto Rico. View our UPS transit time map for more specific time estimates.
  5. Enjoy superb products and customer service. We want your seal gasket purchase to go as smoothly as possible. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and do what we can to make the ordering and delivery processes easy. We even accept returns, with a 25% fee. If you have any questions, email our customer service center at

Partner with us for seal gaskets and other roof penetration products with consistent high quality and fast delivery. We are dedicated to continual improvement and exceptional product quality. Behind all of what we produce is our commitment to excellence. This mission shines through in our superior products and long history of customer satisfaction. The secret to our success is no secret at all – we simply listen to our customers’ needs and do our best to fulfill them. Call (206) 409-1237 to speak with someone about your seal gaskets, Pipe Chase Housing, exit seals, or other product order.